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“So paint the Canvas to the brilliant colours of your dreams and sing the songs to the Harmony of Life.” Advertisements

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The Confusion

How do you believe what’s false and what’s right? White is the shade of black, and black is the shade of white. How do you know if the colour has a shade of black, or white? Light is seen only when there is darkness,  And darkness is experienced only when there is brightness. How do […]

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The Psychology of Life

You don’t need to raise your voice, Nothing around you is by your choice, All you can do is behold your choice. Get aligned and rejoice. There’s a purpose for every existance Show persistence and consistence. Inclination and sincerity and being systematic and approaching reality, These are the keys to learning totality. Judging is for […]

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The Rain

What does the rain speak to you? On a rainy day, We’re out here to play. Umbrellas, raincoats and boots. We’re here to celebrate. Oh my dear brother, come out to play. Let’s savour the downpour, Jump over puddles, And bathe in the rain. The soft sounds of the rustling leaves. The branches swaying with […]

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So what is pain? I believe, that, pain is beautiful. So here’s a poem that I wrote just a few days back. The deep purple scars and the crimson red wounds. There’s beauty in these abrasions. These scars speak of the battle within. At least, the pain isn’t hidden. Pain. What a short word, but filled […]

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The Cardinal Quest

One day, it had me wondering, why do I want to become a doctor? I was amazed with the thoughts that came up in my mind. That’s when I decided to write a poem. This is dedicated to all the doctors, whom I admire. Here it goes. Why did I want to become a doctor? […]

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